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Doing Well While Doing Good – The Synergy Between Margin and Mission

Margin and Mission

HCCI returned from the C-TAC National Summit for Advanced Illness Care last week energized and renewed after hearing so many incredible stories about advances in the field from several industry leaders.

A plenary session we found especially valuable was given by Lauran Hardin, RN, Senior Director, Cross Continuum Transformation, National Center for Complex Social and Medical Care, Ben Carter, CFO of Trinity Health, and Patrick Courneya, MD, EVP and Chief Medical Officer of Kaiser Permanente.

Research strongly suggests that not only is high-quality advanced care delivery important for supporting patient health, these programs actually reduce costs and offer compelling business opportunities. Lauran and Ben shared how they were able to provide care to patients with multiple chronic illnesses who have trouble accessing the traditional primary care system, while simultaneously reducing unnecessary ER visits, lengthy hospital stays and costly hospital readmissions. Their model delivered healthcare’s triple aim of delivering better health, better care and lower costs. The case study illustrated that the hospital system not only provided extraordinary care, but realized a 23% return on their investment and increased their total profit margin – showing the synergy between margin and mission. Their inspiring talk and presentation was a reaffirmation of principles we promote here at HCCI.

If your hospital or health system is interested in learning more about home-based primary care and advanced care delivery models, the Home Centered Care Institute would be happy to help. Contact us at 630-283-9210 or [email protected]


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The Exam Table Of The Future Has Throw Pillows

C-TAC HCCI Gold SponsorPlease join HCCI on Wednesday, October 10th at the C-TAC National Summit on Advanced Illness Care where we present a breakout session on home-based primary care titled “The Exam Table Of The Future Has Throw Pillows”.

Wednesday, October 10 (1:30 – 2:30pm)
Denver Hilton City Center
Denver, CO

Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) is hard, and it is a model of care that requires a wide array of skills, not all of them clinical. The challenging nature of the model necessitates a methodical, disciplined approach. But why does it matter? Learn why HBPC is a model whose time has come again and how HBPC programs can be built or improved in a strategic, systematic manner.

The session will be presented by;

  • Thomas Cornwell, MD, CEO, Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI)
  • Tracy Hulett, VP, External Affairs, Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI)
  • Eric de Jonge, Executive Director, MedStar House Call Program
  • Kelly Fischer, COO, JourneyCare
  • Jessica Bylander, Senior Editor, Health Affairs (moderator)

Register now: