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Denver-based DispatchHealth Expands High-Acuity Home Care Service

Nurse Practioner checking patient's blood pressure

The startup is focused on providing in-home care for mainly senior patients with high-acuity medical issues as a way to divert from costly emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations.

By Kevin Truong:
Denver, Colorado-based DispatchHealth has launched its “ER-at-home” model into three new markets with the support of health system partners in Massachusetts, Washington and Texas.

The startup is focused on providing in-home care for mainly senior patients with high-acuity medical issues as a way to divert from costly emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations. Read the full article

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Heal CEO Sees Doctor House Calls as the Future of Medicine

Heal Chief Executive Officer Nick Desai and Chairman Paul Jacobs discuss the startup’s mission to enable doctors in making house calls. They speak with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Aetna, Heal Bring Doctor House Calls to Atlanta Market

Aetna Heal Article

Technology startup Heal is teaming up with insurance giant Aetna — now a CVS Health Corporation (NYSE: CVS) company — to bring doctor house calls to one of the United States’ largest markets.

Already available throughout California, parts of Virginia and Washington, D.C., Los Angeles-based Heal announced Tuesday that it is expanding to the Atlanta metropolitan area. As a result of the expansion, Aetna’s commercial members in the Atlanta market will now be able to schedule house calls with Heal’s pool of board-certified pediatricians, internists and family practice physicians — all at the same co-pay as their regular doctor’s office visit. Read the full article

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Why the Department of Veterans Affairs is the Tesla of At-Home Care

Tesla of At-Home Care

By Bailey Bryant | Health Care News | Jan 2, 2019

As the senior population booms, agencies and health care systems continue to look for cost effective ways to provide quality in-home care. But even before industry giants were targeting innovation, an unlikely pioneer — the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) — was leading the charge.

With reports of system-wide negligence and arbitrary caregiver dismissals making headlines over the years, VA has long been mired in controversy. But despite scandals and the challenges of bureaucracy, the department’s innovative home health services have been lauded for decades. In fact, least one observer compares VA to Tesla, the Elon Musk-led electric car company that has become shorthand for ambitious innovation — despite some notable stumbles.

“We’re working in this environment of challenging budget constraints, and at the same time, we’re a very mission driven organization,” Thomas Edes, director of comprehensive geriatrics and palliative care programs for the Department of Veterans Affairs, told Home Health Care News. “Put those together and what happens? That really pushes us to innovate.” Read the full article

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HCCI Brings Home-Based Primary Care Training To China


After a successful and well-received trip to Jinan, China in August, HCCI CEO Tom Cornwell, MD was invited back in November by China’s largest medical training center in Shanghai, Tongji Medical College, to provide training on home-based care. Eight modules were presented over two days, including HCCI Essential Elements of Home-based Primary Care™ case-based small group sessions that had been translated into Chinese. Accustomed to lecture-driven learning, these interactive discussions were quite a departure; this new method of learning proved very impactful. Additional topics included home health, hospice and the importance of interdisciplinary team care in geriatrics, which are not developed in China.

Asked what the best part of the trip was, Dr. Cornwell said, “The opportunity to go on an actual house call, and of course seeing HCCI’s materials in Chinese!” Dr. Cornwell’s heart is in the home and going on a house call in China was a major highlight. The patient pictured is a paraplegic living in an apartment up two flights of narrow, unlit stairs.  It was rewarding to collaborate with the Chinese providers on strategies for bringing healing to this gentleman.

Early discussions are taking place regarding a possible HCCI Center of Excellence in China, along with preparing Chinese trainers to deliver HBPC training. In 2035 China will have 35% of the world’s elderly population, and HCCI is ready to help ensure that all patients who prefer to receive medical care in their home have that option.