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HCCI Fast Track Now Boarding

The new HCCI “Fast Track” Essential Elements of Home-Based Primary Care training is designed for physicians, APPs, and practice managers interested in the field of HBPC. “Fast Track” takes the content of HCCI’s Essential Elements 2-day workshop and presents it at a quicker pace, condensing the training into a 1-day course. Developed and taught by HBPC industry experts, “Fast Track” covers medical, social and economic issues related to providing medical care to patients in their home.

Objectives: Upon completion of the classroom workshop, learners will be able to…

  • Assess perceptions of HBPC and dispel myths about the field
  • Describe the role of HBPC in various contexts, including Public Health and the developing systems of health care, and examine key considerations, e.g., program/practice configurations, structure, administration, staffing, clinical care models, patient eligibility and market demographics, and financial/value factors
  • Apply the American Geriatric Society’s (AGS) Guiding Principles in the approach to the care of people with multi-morbidities in the home setting
  • Review the components of an HBPC assessment and discuss approaches for developing care plans that accommodate team input/access
  • Assess various options for diagnostic and operations technology to improve patient care, efficiency, and staff safety in HBPC
  • Implement recommended policies and procedures aimed at ensuring the personal safety of HBPC team members
  • Define and discuss culture, shared decision making, and biases, and describe their impact on HBPC
  • Implement self-care practices to provide patients with high-quality, compassionate health care, while also avoiding burnout and career dissatisfaction
  • Provide optimal patient care in a simulated home setting, and demonstrate appropriate coding and documentation for the visit
  • Examine and discuss the business models, economic drivers, and quality indicators for HBPC and their impact on care delivery

“Fast Track” is being offered December 6th, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA. Come aboard!

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