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I Heart House Calls – Tom Cornwell, M.D.

“I Heart House Calls” is a web series produced by the Home Centered Care Institute that features stories told by the people of home-based primary care, those who provide house calls and those who have experienced their life-affirming impact.

In this webisode, Tom Cornwell, M.D., the CEO of HCCI and a house call doctor for more than 25 years, discusses how he started making house calls, how payment reform is changing the health care landscape, and why clinicians should consider entering this rewarding career.

Have house calls made an impact on your life? Regardless of whether you’re a provider, a family member, caretaker, or patient, if house calls have made an impact on your life, we’d love to hear from you and share your story. Contact HCCI at 630-283-9200 or [email protected]!