The Perfect Storm: Addressing Needs with Home-Based Primary Care

Virtual Event: The Perfect Storm: Addressing Needs with Home-Based Primary Care

Date: June 4, 2019
Time: 1-2 PM ET

In a health care climate of rising costs and resource strain, the aging population is particularly at risk for being medically underserved. In a 2018 white paper, Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) founder and CEO Dr. Thomas Cornwell examines the potential for home-based primary care as a solution to this challenge.

HCCI is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to home-based primary care (HBPC) by educating, training, and growing the home-based clinical care workforce. They’ve partnered with JourneyCare, Illinois’ largest non-profit provider of palliative and hospice care, on an HBPC pilot project to help improve access and quality of care through collaborative project management and oversight, rigorous process development and system monitoring, and alignment of evidenced-based care models.

This virtual event will feature a discussion of the opportunities and challenges inherent to this (and other) pilot projects in the context of the “Perfect Storm” identified by Dr. Cornwell.

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